The half-finished thought.

I have at least two different blogs in my saved drafts folder. Both are quite entertaining and both are only half written.

Both interest me in different ways, one being a product/package design and the other being Girl Scout Cookies. But I just can’t figure out why formulating an entire blog and posting it seems so hard sometimes. Why is it so easy to start writing and so hard to finish?

This makes me think of the hundreds of English Lit. papers I’ve written over the past, I’d say, eight years. Writing the thesis is no problem for me. I know exactly what the paper is about and the thesis is the place to elaborate on that and define it. The rest of the paper follows the thesis and defines how it’s relevant in more detail with examples to back it up.

That brings us to the conclusion… (not to this blog, but rather to the paper…) I’m told this is the place to wrap everything up in a nice little package, but also take the thesis of the paper one step further. This is where I generally falter. I’m supposed to make you think about what I’ve just tried to explain or define. It sounds easy when I put it like that, but when it comes to writing it down I feel like the words just come to a halt.

As I continue this blog and keep going back over it while I type, I realize more and more how this relates to what I’m going through as a senior in the graphic design program. As a sophomore I was able to define what it meant to me to be an art student. I got to decide what route I wanted to take in the English Lit paper that is my life. Graphic design in my thesis line. Junior year is about defining and educating myself further within the field while also showing that I’m learning. And I feel like this continues on into the first semester of senior year as well. The second semester of senior year, my current temporal location, is the conclusion. It’s the culmination of everything I’ve been taught, everything I’ve learned, everything I’ve gain in experience over the last four years of my college career.

Typing that out loud sorta freaked me out just now. Wow. This is it. I really haven’t felt any nerves up until this point. Even though I still have three or four classes to take in the fall as housecleaning for my brief hiatus from college out of high school, I’ll be done with my graphic design courses. This includes the Senior Thesis Exhibition which takes place on April 5th.

This is my real college conclusion. I have to make you think more in depth about my work. This is what I’m working on. This isn’t like my papers where I can make up for a mediocre conclusion by doing excellent writing beforehand (although, I’ll admit it will help). I have to blow this out of the water. I have to prove myself as a designer and as an artist. Hell, maybe even a writer.

This is the conclusion that counts.




Ahhhh. Finally. A finished thought.


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