Portfolio brain explosion.

So many design and school related things going on at the moment. As a senior in the graphic design department, I’m totally torn on how I should present myself at future portfolio reviews. While I have worked in print most of my student-career, my real  love is in web. With that said, the pieces I’ve spent the most time with and loved the most are web based. So what I’ve decided to do [after much deliberation.. much.. much…..deliberation] is to buy an iPad to have my portfolio pieces displayed on.

Am I copping out? Does this make me seem lazy as a designer?



And here’s why I think so:

I got my first laptop 6 years ago. It was clunky, slow, and the battery life lasted about as long as it took to open up the web browser. If I took that hunk-of-junk into an interview, I would probably be laughed at. That technology just doesn’t quite have the portability of today’s gadgets.

Here and now, in the spring of 2011, we’re blessed with the lightweight, thin, long-lasting portable iPad. And not just the iPad.. the Xoom and Galaxy tablets offer this functionality as well. Why would I not take advantage of the technology right at my fingertips? With a tablet, I’m able to show the real functionality of websites I create. Viewing a website in print just doesn’t give off the same feeling.

I really think this is an excellent way to show off your work if you’re a web designer.

I know what you’re thinking now…. “But, Katie, technology always fails..”

Of course it does. And that’s why there’s always a back up plan. There are always “leave behinds” and excellent screenshots {via snapndrag}. I think even if you’re printing, you should formulate a backup plan. There’s no telling how many terrible things that can happen on some idle Tuesday when you have an interview on Wednesday.


ipad 2


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