iPad Portfolio

As I had mentioned in an earlier post, I plan on using an iPad to display my portfolio. I still plan to continue with this idea, and with even more reason to do so now.

After waiting in line for 2 hours at the Apple store in Knoxville, I finally received my iPad 2. I played around with the terrible resolution camera for a little while, downloaded Friendly for iPad, Twitter, WordPress.. and various other applications I use quite a bit [Fruit Ninja…. ]. You know, the usual things you would do if you had just purchased a new computer-like technology.

I didn’t give much thought as to how I would actually display my portfolio, however. Initially, I was thinking you could just go to my website and look through that portfolio, but the more I thought about it, the less the idea appealed to me.

My professor had mentioned to me an App that was titled something along the lines of “minimal.” I finally recalled her telling me that and immediately searched for it in the app store. And there it was. The answer to all my portfolio questions. The app is called Minimal Folio designed by Simon Heys. It’s fantastic. Here are some of the features it has to offer:

minimal folio

Present [pre-zent… not present as in “gift”]

  • — Easy, minimal user interface
  • — Pinch and zoom
  • — Present on an external display
  • — Use images, pdf and video
  • — Lock to prevent editing


  • — Manage multiple portfolios
  • — Batch import from photo albums
  • — Copy and paste items between portfolios or Apps
  • — Cloud sync to multiple devices with Dropbox
  • — Transfer files with iTunes

What really grabbed my attention is the easy use of video and the syncing with dropbox.

With the video, I can take screen video shots of my different websites to show functionality {even show flash without having to actually have flash} in a simple slide portfolio style.

And with Dropbox I’m free to edit the slides or videos I want to use anywhere I can find a computer. Whew. Talk about accessibility.

So while I knew having the iPad would be worth the funds to spend on it, I never knew it would be as great as it’s turned out to be.


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