Yesterday started out like any other day. I woke up, had a bowl of cereal and my morning shower. The rest of the day’s events would certainly not be like any other day.

Sarah and Sara picked me up in my driveway around 8:50, then we headed over to Emily’s house to snag her as well. We then began our journey to Dalewood Middle School. It wasn’t a very long car ride, but it was filled will loud music and complaining about how early and hungry we were (regardless of previously stated cereal).


Patiently awaiting entrance to the gym at Dalewood Middle School

When we arrived at Dalewood, we were met with other half-asleep but still energetic faces which made us feel better. After a brief wait we all headed into the gym and disbursed ourselves throughout the bleachers, and eventually throughout the students.

I guess you could say this was the real beginning of the day. The sheer electric energy of the student and staff was enough to jazz up the entire CreateAthon group to maximum capacity. (And we would definitely need it as the 24 hours of designing, thinking, planning, eating, planning, and designing went on).

Following the pep rally (which included soloists -both vocal and instrumental- and some super inspirational words) we split off into our separate sections to get to work. I was personally involved with the “pedestal team” as we would call ourselves for the rest of the evening/morning. Basically, if it was int he main entrance to the middle school, we we’re going to give it some TLC.

After measuring, talking, and lunch, the groups headed back to the UTC Art Department to really get started on what we came together to do.

entrance team

Think about all the things we could possibly do

We worked continuously through the night and into the early morning hours, but not without some serious doubt that we would never make it the full 24 hours.

sleeping sara


sugar coma

Too much red bulll?

But aside from the brief moments of napping, there was some serious work that was accomplished for the good of Dalewood. Team meetings/ big group meetings that were held sporadically through the night were always filled with excitement and the sense that something bigger than we could ever imagine was happening.


To find out more about our crazy 24 hour endeavor with CreateAthon on Campus 2011 check out the twitter, flickr, or blog! (Just to warn you.. our doc team was %$#&^% awesome… so you’ll get more details from that than I could ever give you myself.)

And now, after a very long and creative journey, not to mention my own wedding shower, I’m going to get some much deserved recovery sleep.